Goth Bat (the_goth_bat) wrote in alienvspredator,
Goth Bat

Looking for some scans/screencaps

Hellew, wondering if someone knows any site that,

- holds scans of Machiko from the Dark Horse Aliens vs Predator comic

- holds teaser screencaps or a more detailed description of the added scenes from the unrated version. Wanna know if it's worth the extra money. >__>

- holds screencaps of a behind the scenes footage of AvP, where Sanaa Lathan is giving Ian Whyte in pred-get up a hug. I also remember seeing on some fanart (that's now gone bamfed), including a screencap where the pred is standing over a passed out Sanaa Lathan - anyone know where to get a look at that?

Thanks for any help.
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