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AVP Wrongs?

Might as well be time I post o.o;

I just wanted to explain my err. confusion about AVP from the other Alien movies and probably Predator movies.

My first nag is about Predator's only coming in the dryest seasons on Earth, that was the basic fact of a Predator dwelling on Earth. But for AVP it has the 'Hunt' and that overall 'teenager to manhood' with chopping xenomorph's heads off. But the original text says 'only in the hottest days do they come'

My other two, basically in one scene is where Miller is encrypted in the alien binds and is grappling for the gun, I noticed that the guy with the facehugger on his face was moving, here comes my second nag, in the first Alien, Kane is unconscious from his facehugger attack, this guy is not unconscious and I would think anybody in their right mind would not want to be conscious when a facehugger is attached to your face... :/

The next is after he shot the first facehugger, automatically yet very comically, it made a chain reaction and all eggs in the room opened but if I am right, eggs only open up when a lifeform is 3 feet away, wouldn't think they'd all open up?

I hope this makes any sense whatsoever, AVP was a great movie and I can't wait for the Predalien's debut
Sincerly, Jackie <3

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