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Hope you enjoy, this is for real this time. So savor it like a cheeseburger.

Okay, its time for a real, serious story.

This is a fanfic following the ending of the AvP movie..MI of course. Okay, here we go.
Please buckle your seatbeltes and return to your upright position, its going to be a tough ride. Rough airing ahead, ready for some chop.

Chapter 1: Grid&Torch

Grid lay crouched in the snow near the broken wood planks and tortured houses wich surrounded him. The wind sloughed and raced against him, and the pain in his cranium ached but he payed no heed.
His reality had been shattered, his life in ruins..Before him lay the corpse of the bitch-human named Alexa who had perpetrated the demise of his queen, his larger self who now lay dead at the fathomless bottom of the liquified chasm into wich she had been thrown. And all he could do was feed on the humans frozen corpse and wish for some barbeque sauce and a deep fryer. What had happened to him and his colony? Why had it happened? What was he going to do?
He was going to find his way to the hive center of these creatures who had come and disturbed them only to revolt when they were offered the suffocating blessing of implantation. He had to do something about this duck.
So he rose to his fours, and with a bound was off into the streaming and flowing snow and the night.


Clatter, raucous laughing, shouts, music, traffic, lights, shadows, horns, grit-- at once aweful and inviting smells..the city of Paris.
France's capital sprawled like a field of one thousand diamonds in the cloudy dark of night. Not a star could be seen due to the polluted air and thick smog, but no one of the drunk and partying people of the area would have noticed the streak of light through the clouds anyway.
And then the soft, vibrating cuncussion wich followed not long after...

The Predator, Torch, came to conciousness with the smells of ozone and scorched metal in his little pig nose, and felt irritation filling him. He slogged down an anti-depressent.
The dropships were always doing this these days. Whenever they did make it through earths atmosphere to the planned destination, they crashed so that the Predator was knocked out and his capsule trashed...
The Predator kicked and growled his way out of the ruins of the capsule, thanked his lucky trophies he was alive, and began to strap on his militaristic utilities he had retrieved from his backpack. After properly uniforming, he began the slow march towards Paris..He began to think of the missions objectives over.
He had to go to this city, retrieve his deoderant wich he had left since his last trip..and...he stopped, scratching his helmet. It made a screeching sound and he shouted out.
What a bad noise! " Oh, thats right!" He said, " I came here to get the body of that other Predator who supposedly survived the Antarctica Incident. They got the body somehow, and now it is being investigated by members of Unexplained Mysteries..what an EXCITING mission.."
He cursed, then took to the trees when he saw a porcupine come slouching out of the bushes ahead. He remembered the words of his teacher so long ago speaking to him of such dangers.
" You never know when one of those animals might go crazy on you," He had said. No, he never knew.
But he also did not know how to use the trees, so he had to climb back down. The porcupine began to chase him and he started running as fast as he could. Wich wasn't very fast.
Eventually, though, he got to a place where some bums where laying on the street, and the porcupine dared go no further.
But the Predator did. Ignoring the gasps and shouts of " Wait for Halloween you lunatic!" he continued on into the center of this metropolis untill he came to the place he was looking for....

........To Be Continued.
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